⭐️Freezeframe 天然精華無激素豐胸膏100ml⭐️




每天2次,最後沖涼後立刻使用,適量塗於胸部,逆時針弧形輕柔,一定要源著一個方向揉,而不是一時左一時右哦!每個人的體質不一樣,有的一個月就有感覺,但有的可能需要2個月,建議一次預定的2支,加強鞏固效果。1支可以使用1個半月左右!Freezeframe 建議連續使用5-6個月以達到最佳效果。6個月後無需每天使用,一週使用1-2次即可。


1. 如有傷口或是紅腫發膿的地方情勿使用
2. 使用中如有過敏現象,請停止使用
3. 為了避免誤食並保持品質的關係,請不要跟其他容器交換

Freezeframe -BREAST ENHANCER 100ml

  • General Information


    Safe, natural, non-hormonal breast enhancer 
    Clinically proven to increase breast appearance by up to 13% in 84 days
    A world first, freezeframe non surgical breast enhancer contains not one, but two active compounds clinically proven to enhance bust volume, plus lift and firm the bust dash all in the one formula. Studies show that you could even look up to a cup size larger in a matter of 4 weeks or so.

    Say goodbye to padded bras and chicken fillets dash this clinically proven cream can give you larger looking breasts in 4 dash 6 weeks 
    Whether you have lost bust volume and are experiencing age related sagging, or your breasts are smaller than you are happy with, freezeframe non-surgical breast enhancer can help you achieve the beautiful bustline you desire.

    freezeframe non-surgical breast enhancer is a synergistic blend of two powerful topical ingredients which have a proven ability to enhance breast appearance, by stimulating fat appearance.