Freezeframe Tummy Tuck 瘦身紧緊腹霜 100g


產品功效 瘦身緊腹,增強肌膚彈性,讓腰腹部更加彈性有光澤;促進腰腹部細胞分解和脂肪燃燒,增強皮膚內脂肪的分解 特別說明


使用方法: 一天兩次,早晚在腰腹部打圈按摩,按摩至吸收後等待1-2分鐘後再穿衣服。晚上在沐浴後使用效果更佳。

Freezeframe Tummy tuck 100ml

  • he lazy person’s way to a flatter, more toned tummy

    This is it girls and boys. The discovery we have all been waiting for. The lazy person’s way to a flatter looking belly, and I for one couldn’t be more excited!

    This week sees the worldwide release of TUMMY TUCK – the first ever body cream which has been clinically proven to activate thermogenisis. You can even feel your skin heat up with this incredible cream. The excitement alone is enough to make you drop a few kilos!

    Not only that, it is also clinically proven to mimic the muscle toning effect of exercise. Exercise in a tube? Now that’s a membership I’ll sign up for any day!


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