Linden Leaves 身體美白按摩精油 柑橘檸檬味 250ml

【商品名稱】新西蘭Linden Leaves 柑橘檸檬味記憶身體美白精油 按摩油250毫升

【英文名稱】Linden Leaves body oil body oil memories 250ml


【功效】 玫瑰--美白,延緩皮膚老化、平扶肌膚細紋、調節肌膚的平衡。 滋養並保持皮膚柔軟和光澤有彈性。 有機玫瑰果,鱷梨油及豐富的維生素E,並且融合了玫瑰,天竺葵,依蘭純甜杏仁和杏仁油,滋養並保持皮膚柔軟和光澤有彈性。這個美麗的天然油中含有玫瑰花朵。

Linden Leaves body oil memories (柑橘檸檬味) 250ml

  • Linden Leaves body oil body oil memories (Rose) 250ml

    Organic rosehip and avocado oils blended with pure sweet almond and apricot kernel oils, enriched with vitamin E and infused with a luxurious blend of rose, geranium and ylang ylang, to keep skin soft and nourished. This beautiful natural oil contains real roses.