Thompson's 奶薊草護肝寶 35000mg 60粒

  • 為市面上比較少見的高濃度護肝配方 1日1粒
  • 超高濃度配方,每粒含35,000mg乳薊精華
  • 市面上的乳薊保健品一般蘊含20 – 80%的乳薊萃取精華,Thompson‘s 則以84% 420mg 水飛薊素 (護肝功能的黃酮類) 為最佳等級,能把充分發揮並修護肝功能。
  • 乳薊的抗氧化功能比維他命E高十倍以上


  • 強化身體肝臟排毒功能,改善肝臟運作, 有助維持肝臟健康。
  • 保護肝臟細胞,阻擋外來毒素
  • 激發破損肝臟細胞內蛋白質製作過程,致使健康肝臟細胞的產生及成長得以加速
  • 增強膽汁的溶解力,幫助解毒、排毒
  • 改善因肝臟健康引起的色斑及暗啞枯黃膚色
  • 增加人體免疫功能
  • 增加哺乳母親的母乳分泌

Thompson's One-A-Day Milk Thistle 35000mg 60 Capsules


    General Information

    • Liver tonic. Naturally regulates digestion
    • Helps to support healthy gall bladder functon
    • Helps to relieve symptoms of indigestion
    • Assists to alleviate the symptoms of digestive disorders
    • Supports liver detoxification
    • Helps to protect the liver against the deleterious effects of environmental toxins and pollution, given its antioxident actions
    • Assists to support the growth and regeneration of liver cells


    • Use only as directed and always read the label
    • If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner

    Common Uses

    • Suitable for individuals who suffer from or prone to symptoms of poor liver function
    • Suitable for people who suffer from or prone to digestive disorders, including indigestion


    Silybum marianum (milk thistle) extract equivalent to dry herb. Equiv. Flavanolignas calculated as silybin


    Adults - Take one capsule daily with food, or as professionally prescribed