Thompson's 湯普森 輔酶Q10軟膠囊 高含量300mg 30粒

【產品名稱】THOMPSON'S 湯普森 輔酶CQ10 300 30粒


【產 地】 新西蘭

【規 格】 30粒






Thompson's Ultra CoQ10 300mg Capsules 30



    High potency One-A-Day formula

    Provides CoQ10 in an oil-based suspension for improved absorption

    Supports heart health and healthy energy levels.



    - Helps to support the health and function of the cardiovascular system

    - Helps to maintain the healthy functioning of the heart muscle

    - Antioxidant properties

    - May assist in the maintenance of healthy cell membrane structure and integrity

    - CoQ10 plays a key role in cellular energy production

    - Aids in the maintenance of general wellbeing


    Suitable for

    - Individuals who seek a daily supplement to support and maintain healthy heart function

    - Those who seek a daily supplement to help maintain general health and wellbeing